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11:22 2018-06-27

- I have an ongoing project called The White Point Project; The project is a lot of things, but in part it is a study of what I call "infinitesimal offwhites";
- Infinitesimal offwhites are colors that are extremely close to pure white, without being 100% white;
- I started the project with acrylic paints on canvas; I would mix my colors and make colors like what I call "infinitesimal yellow", "infinitesimal pink", "infinitesimal blue", etc.;
- On that note, I've also been doing experiences with computer screens;
Infinitesimal Yellow Test (right-hand square). A.G. (c) 2018. All Rights Reserved.

- This experiment depends somewhat on characteristics of the screen someone is using who views these visual "tests"; For instance, on my laptop's screen, this infinitesimal yellow has an almost pinkish hue, whereas on my other screen, it has a clearly yellow tinge;
- The point I'm trying to make with these experiments is that white doesn't really exist; If you take a white canvas and bring it outside in the sun, you will basically see the "color of sunlight", i.e. the canvas will have a hue, ranging from light yellow to orange, pink, and blueish-grey, depending on the time of day; That's why photographers do light tests with a white panel or whatnot;
Infinitesimal Pink Test (right-hand square). A.G. (c) 2018. All Rights Reserved.

- The other aspect of these tests is to test the human eye, the retina and so forth; It appears that other colors influence any "whites" that we see; Our vision of color is influenced by surrounding colors; That is when we see a color it "influences" our eye for a few milliseconds and thereby changes our EXPERIENCE OF COLOR, like when we look at a white canvas or whatnot.
Infinitesimal Blue Test (right-hand square). A.G. (c) 2018. All Rights Reserved.
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Time: Wed Jun 27 20:24:29 2018

Experiment: The White Point Project Redux

Statement of Purpose: I began making "viual tests" meant to test the limits of the human eye when it comes to the perception, psychophysically, of the color white.

Procedure: I made samples of colors. I had two squares, a left and a right square, and in the white square I have the color white, in the right square I have what I call "infinitesimal yellow" for instance. It's basically what I call an "infinitesimal offwhite", it is infinitely close to WHITE, without being white. It has a hue, yellow or pink or blue or green, but is infinitesimal. So it tests the limits of perception of color, in the human eye.

Notes: I had a good run. The tests seem to be ready to be used in the wild. I just need to find some collaborators who would be willing to do the visual tests and send me notes/documentation about the process. Then I could start collecting actual "hard data". I will be experimenting with thi in the coming Production-Year 2019-2020.

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