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07:38 2018-09-28

- Lately, I've been working on my "Refcards-System" in Python;
- I've been trying to build a Graphical User Interface ("GUI") and it has proven quite difficult in Python;
- That is to say, Python has really no easy way to build UIs;
- I've tested various frameworks and all require code that looks like sphagetti;
- There doesn't seem to be a simple way to build a UI/GUI in Python;

appJar Entry and Text Area Widget. A.G. (c) 2018. All Rights Reserved.
- I tested Tkinter and appJar, and the latter gave me much better results; I also tested other frameworks, or at least looked at them, but none was as simple as appJar;
- It looks like I'm going to have to build my Frontend(s) using some other language like JavaScript or something like that, something that gives me much more freedom in my construction process;
- Tkinter is versatile, but it's so primitive, it has zero sex appeal;
- I've also been studying art history, looking at the work of Walter Benjamin and others;
- History remains one of my biggest obsessions, I never seem to tire of historical studies;
- I've been trying to understand how Art Markets work; I'm working on a research project precisely to look at the evolution/emergence of the modern "art market"; I have lined up my sources;
- I'm still making digital compositions using neural style transfer;

Le Musée de l'Antique-Moderne. A.G. (c) 2018. All Rights Reserved.
- The concept here was of what I call the Antique-Moderne, which to me is a style; It has to do with the obsolescence of contemporary cultural artifacts like telephones and old FM radios;

VANISHING POINT. A.G. (c) 2018. All Rights Reserved.
- Here I have made a classic, the vanishing point of the train tracks, rendered in an Impressionistic style via neural style transfer;
- As always, I'm also constantly working with the infamous Lena test image, to test different image processing functions and so on and so forth;

Lena test image, processed by A.G. (c) 2018. All Rights Reserved.
- I've also been obsessed lately with Franz Kafka's parable, The City Coat of Arms;
- It's a retelling, by Kafka, of the Biblical story of The Tower of Babel;
- I made my own version of the Babel Tower;

The Tower of Babel. A.G. (c) 2018. All Rights Reserved.

- I wrote a piece on Medium called The Tower of Incompleteness an Incomprehension on the subject;
- I've also  been obsessed with Warehouse Design; In fact, I was just dreaming last night of "The Sublime Warehouse" as I call it; it's a fulfillment center / distribution center of Gargantuan proportions, greater in magnitude to any existing warehouse on the planet; It's closer to an actual Freeport, but even bigger than that; It's why it's called the "sublime" warehouse, it is terrifying in its mathematical magnitude;
- I also spent some time studying Evolutionary Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, and the like;
- I also studied some sociology with regard to what some still call "race"; It made me think of the works of Albert Memmi and Frantz Fanon, and postcolonial theory in general;
- I also read up on the parable of The Prodigal Son, because a friend lent me a book on the subject, written by Henri Nouwen;
- I studied early blues music and statistical randomness; I studied Michel Foucault's concept of "dispositif"; I searched far and wide for contemporary artists using neural style transfer in their artistic expression, and found next to nil;
- As noted, I have been practicing my Python chops and in doing so have investigated the SQLite3 module; It's a relatively easy database to use, and it's the backend so far to my Refcards app;
- To be continued...

A.G. (c) 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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